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40 by 40

My 30th birthday recently came and went. Unlike a lot of people, I was really looking forward to turning thirty. Honestly. I had zero anxiety about getting older or about entering my thirties. On the contrary, I am quite looking forward to the next decade. Over the next ten years, I get to grow as a wife and mother. I am also in a job that I adore and I cannot wait to see what my career looks like by the time 40 rolls around.
For my birthday this year, my co-workers put together some “words of wisdom” for me to use over the next decade. One co-worker in particular suggested I make a 40 by 40 list and try really hard to finish it. After I started working on the list, Adam further suggested that I break the list down by how complicated or costly a particular task was in order to have the best chance of successfully completing everything. In other words, if I saved all the most expensive and difficult things for the last few years, I wouldn’t probably be able to do them all. So, after much thought, I have finished my list AND have divided it into Four Levels. Level 1 being the least costly and least complicated tasks and Level 4 being the most. If I strive to complete 4 tasks a year — one from each Level —  then I will be on track to realistically complete all 40 by the time I’m 40.
In the spirit of staying on track, I thought I’d post my list — just to memorialize it for everyone to see (and to keep me accountable). Here’s to the next decade y’all. This should be fun!
Level 1:
3. Attend service at a house of worship of a religion I am not familiar with (Update)
8.  Perfect a homemade biscuit recipe
Level 2:
11. Go 48 hours without technology
14. Write/Send letters to 3 mentors who have impacted my life (1 of 3 done)
16. Ride a horse again
17.  Take a dance lesson
18.  Renew wedding vows
Level 3:
22.  Walk the red carpet at an event
24.  Be featured in a local publication
25. Give a loved one a very extravagant gift
Level 4 :
31. Pay off all student debt
32. Skydive
33. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in a big city
34. Visit three countries in Europe 
35. Tour wineries on the West Coast
36. Become proficient (er, conversational) in another language
37. Stay the night in a castle
38. Go scuba diving
39. Participate in a local theatre event — even a small non-speaking role
40. Do an unassisted pull-up 

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