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Holland’s Nursery: Gender Neutral and Devine

Over the weekend, Holland turned 7 months. As I was rocking her to sleep for a nap, it hit me that for 7 months now I’ve been meaning to share her beautiful nursery… But I haven’t. #bloggerfail

Since we didn’t know whether our “Sprout” was going to be a boy or a girl we obviously kept things gender neutral. Even if we DID know though, I think I would have gone with something like this anyways. I loved the idea of a very calming space. The room is primarily tan, cream, and white. We did a LOT of work in this room, including adding in the wainscoting and building a closet-organization system (Thanks Dad!). All the work was worth it because we absolutely LOVE the way it turned out. Tell me what you think:

Prints via TheDailyWatercolor 
Tree Stump Base for Mobile via AmberThomasMakes
“H” Letter via PlaneAndSaw 

Prints via TheDailyWatercolor   
We also wanted the nursery to be practical. I splurged for a very plush rocking chair and I have never once regretted that decision. In fact, that rocker has quickly become my favorite part of Holland’s room. We also wanted all of our cloth diapering needs to be very handy. You see that we repurposed (and repainted) planters to hang over her dresser (which used to be blue.. yes BLUE! I refinished it) to hold her cloth (and the disposables that she currently sleeps in at night). Beside the dresser, we have our dry pail for dirty cloth diapers (if you want to know more about our cloth diapering routine let me know and I’ll share) and beside the crib we have our regular dirty clothes hamper. This AH-DORABLE animal hamper was the hostess gift at my shower and I love it so much. It too, was a total splurge, and I am so thankful it was gifted to us because it works so well in the space.

The Baby “Florken” banner was used as decoration at our baby shower and once I saw it, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into our nursery. I found that hanging it over the dresser/changing station was the perfect touch. 

I personally think that the “stars” in this nursery are the beautiful watercolor prints from The Daily Watercolor, the giant, handmade, wooden “H” from PlaneAndSaw (which you see monthly if you follow us on Instagram) and the beautiful mobile I made using a wooden stump sign created by AmberThomasMakes and some straw animal figurines. These touches seem one of a kind and really sets our nursery apart from a lot of others I’ve seen. 

Holland’s nursery has easily become my favorite room in the entire house. If you have any questions about where we found certain products, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll try to answer (if I remember). Our goal was a very relaxing and neutral space that would, hopefully, help our little love animals as much as we do. I think we did an excellent job and I love watching our little Holland grow up in this space. 

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