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The Power of Spring

I’m a sucker for Spring. 
After a long, cold winter there is something magical about Daylight Savings Time and 70 degree weather. I will fully admit that I prefer the slightly warmer Summer, but Spring has been a saving grace for Adam and I over the last week or two. 
Instead of spending 30 minutes in traffic driving home in the dark, I drive home with my windows down and NPR blasting (Oh yeah — I’m THAT girl.). When I get home, instead of immediately putting on my pajamas, I throw on a pair of shorts and join Adam outside for catch with the pups. Last week we even went out for fro-yo and ate it on an outdoor bench while people watching. It was divine. 
There is something about Spring that makes me feel… rejuvenated. For instance, this past weekend I spent $40 on some colorful annual flowers at Home Depot and a little over 3 hours outside with Adam racking up the last bit of fallen leaves, picking up broken tree branches, and planting colorful flowers. By the end of those 3 hours, I felt like #FlorkenFirstHome was a brand new place and in a weird way, like I was a brand new person. Several times this week, I’ve caught myself several times just driving past the front of our house admiring the view…. admitting those small bits of color; those specks of hope for a warmer, happier time to come. And I’ve caught myself smiling more often… and wider.
I think after months of cold and dark, we all crave a little time and space to come out, shake off the grogginess that is Winter, and rejoice in a new season. For me, Spring is a time to realize that I have a whole new year to get things accomplished — just think of how different life could look next Spring!
Maybe we’ll have grass in the backyard. Maybe we’ll have refinished the decks. Maybe we’ll have a wider circle of friends. Maybe we’ll host a family party or two. Maybe our family will be bigger. Maybe our house will be stuffed to the brim with love and laughter. Maybe life will be even more grand than it is now. 
My Spring is full of possibilities and cheer… and maybe just a tad more sneezing. How about yours?

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