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A Spring Surprise

Every year, my mom presses for family pictures. Well, every year since my niece has been born at least. That technically makes this Year 2 for pictures, but something tells me this is a tradition that will stick. (Here’s a few of the pictures from last time.)
A few weeks ago, while Adam and I were visiting my family in Texas, we woke up on a dreary Sunday morning and hustled out the door to meet the photographer on time. It was cold. It was wet. Obviously my hair didn’t cooperate. In the long run though, we got a few good shots… and decided it was the perfect time to share a surprise…

That’s right! There is officially a Baby “Florken” on the way. We are due September 30th (that makes me almost 16 weeks along for any of who are trying to count backwards on your fingers). We are very, very excited obviously and quite frankly, also scared shitless. 
This hasn’t been an easy pregnancy for me so far. My doctor diagnosed me as borderline hyperemesis gravidarum which is code for severe morning sickness. (You’ll probably know this as the stuff that kept Kate Middleton in the hospital with both of her pregnancies.) Essentially, ever since Week 6, I’ve been puking anywhere from 2-5 times a day. Sometimes I went days at a time keeping absolutely nothing down but water. And nothing helped. No amount of ginger ale, soda crackers, or other old wives tales made a dent in how sick I was. Heck — I would even vomit up prescription medication. I have been vomiting so much that despite being nearly 16 weeks along, I’m actually below my pre-pregnancy weight. So yes, it has been rough. 
In a way, that has been reassuring because it means that something is really in there growing. But, it has also been miserable because I’ve had to continue to pretend to be a functioning member of society. I’ve been a lawyer by day and a miserable, crying, puking pregnant woman by night for about 10 weeks now. 
I think I’m starting to see the other side of the sickness though and am starting to enjoy parts of this pregnancy. Before you ask — we are NOT finding out the sex of the baby. I’m sure I’ll post more on that decision later in case you are curious. 
Anyways — thanks for sticking with the little ol’ blog of ours during the last months. I know posting has been sporadic and our responses to emails and comments has been waaaaayyyy slow. I guess that’s what happens when you spend half of your day hunched over a toilet huh? As soon as this little one let’s me feel better, I promise to get back on the horse properly. 
Here’s to September 30th right?

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