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A Quiet Christmas

I don’t want a lot for Christmas. I don’t. 
This year, I want to sleep in. I want to wake up and bake cinnamon rolls while Adam rolls his eyes at my Christmas movie selection. I want to drink copious amounts of hot tea and chilled wine. I want to spend a few hours absorbed in a good book or maybe even a comic I borrowed from Adam.
I want to take a few moments to reflect on my past Christmases with my partner. Three years ago, we had just met and spent the holiday apart. There isn’t a single picture of us together for our relationship was brand new… but there is a picture of the really awesome Christmas gift I got Adam – a Santa themed basket filled with goofy things reminding him of our first two months together. Two years ago we were recently engaged and traveled from family house to family house to celebrate with those we loved. One year ago we were newlyweds with new home dreams dancing through our minds and our first Christmas spent with our adoring our niece. This year, we’ll be together, in our first home… just the two of us.
There will be a day for noisy Christmases. There will be a day when Christmas is filled with tons of family and many friends. There will be a day when we awake early to open Santa presents and when we worry about who is having to sleep on the couch or whether we have enough coffee for all our guests. But this year it will be quiet. 
It will be just Adam and I in our own home with our furkids. It might be a quiet Christmas, but it will still be a Christmas to remember.
How are you spending Christmas?

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