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Life isn’t always blogworthy

Life isn’t always blogworthy. 
Like on Friday, when Adam called me to say that his tire had blown out on the Interstate and he was sitting at the shop getting a new tire put on. There goes our house project spending money in August.

Or like when Adam called back to say that apparently the starter had gone out in his car and would have to be replaced immediately or we wouldn’t be able to drive to Texas that afternoon for our niece’s birthday party. There goes our chance to put back any money in savings in August.

Or like when you go to pick up the car only to find out that it now has a transmission problem and has to be taken to a shop across town for even more work. There goes our mini vacation to Portland in October.

And like when you find three stray dogs in less than 24 hours and despite your phone calls, online posts, and pleas for help you don’t have anything you can do besides take them to the local shelter with no guarantee that they won’t ever be put down. And you feel like complete and total shit about it… total shit!
Or like when your entire family comes together for a weekend and it isn’t picture perfect. In fact, it’s far from it. It’s hectic and it’s stressful and you want to pull your freaking hair out. And when you finally get back in your car to leave all you really want to do it curl up and cry because integrating families is tough and personalities clash and life just isn’t fair. 
Yeah — none of that is blogworthy. It’s just life and sometimes, life just sucks. No one wants to see a picture of Adam and I sitting in silence for a 5 hour car ride because both of us are so angry with each other. And no one wants to see a tutorial on how to transfer money from your savings account to pay off the incredible amount of car repair debt you suddenly accumulated. And no one wants to pin creative graphics about how you can’t afford that trip that you’ve been looking forward to or about how you haven’t had AC in your car all summer so you arrive to work every morning looking like a dog hanging her head out the window.
Life isn’t always blogworthy. But this blog is supposed to be an honest reflection of our lives so I’m making the choice to share all of this anyhow. 
I don’t want sympathy because I know it could always be worse. 
I don’t want pity because I know that in reality, we actually have it really good and that I’m being a baby.

I guess I do want empathy — because I think we can all relate to having a one too many days in a row when life keeps knocking you down as you continue to find enough ground to stand on. I want to get my balance and start to fight back. I want to laugh it all off and tell Life where she can shove it. But first — Life has to quit kneeing me in the ribs each time I think I can get up. I feel like we’ve all been there — so maybe today, all I really want is to hear that you were once there too and that you eventually found the ability to stand. 

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