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Monday Morning Thoughts

It’s Monday and my mind is unfocused. In a last ditch attempt to get some work done, I thought I would use the blog as a mind-dump. Here goes:
1) Why do people like printed legging so much? Seriously. I don’t get it. Especially when the print is something holiday related like Christmas trees or pumpkins. Printed leggings are cute when you are under 10 but after that I think it seems a bit over the top. Along that line of thought — what is up with dolman tops? I mean, I love them when your arms are down but when you raise your arms it looks like you are a chicken. A chicken! Who wants to look like a chicken? It is no secret that I struggle with fashion and clothing choices, but I just can’t wrap my head around these two things.
2) I am beginning to understand why parents live vicariously through their children. I am watching the Olympics — knowing that I’ll be 30 in 2 months time so my shot at a medal is gone. BUT… #LittleLadyHolland could do it, right? Right? I can’t decide whether she should be a gymnast or a soccer star. Maybe I’ll let her choose when she is older. #nopressureparenting
3) I’m really, really kicking myself lately for not being financially savvy when Adam and I first got married. We both have always had good jobs making good money. But, instead of really budgeting our money and doing smart things with it — like paying off debt — we just spent it. I don’t even really know what we spent it on. We don’t live extravagant lives. We haven’t had a vacation since our honeymoon. Neither of us have any labels hanging in our closets. And yet, I can promise you we have somehow wasted SO much money over the last three years. It really makes me sick if I start thinking about it too much. Now, we are using and I am feeling very confident that we are going to be able to “snowball” a lot of our debt and make great changes. But still, three years of earnings down the drain does NOT feel good man.
4) My daughter is now 10 months old! Eeek! How did that happen? She is walking. Talking. She has learned to say “No” so the attitude is strong already. Just like her mama…
5) How is voting for Trump still a thing? No seriously. How? I have never been one to be super dramatic about my chosen candidate’s potential lost. I’ve always rolled my eyes when people would say, “If ___________ wins then I am just going to move to Canada!” In the past, no single candidate (Romney, McCain, Bush) have ever made me think moving to another country would be preferable to living under their presidency. But Trump makes me reconsider my stance on such blanket statements. The trouble is though, I don’t even know WHERE we could move because I have legit fear that a Trump presidency would be SO disastrous that we wouldn’t be safe anywhere in the world. I sometimes wonder if this is how World War III happens. The thought of giving that maniac control of the nuclear codes seriously keeps me up a night. 
6) I have lost all of my pregnancy weight and then some and I am so happy about it. I’m working out using the program and I’ve been eating a homemade salad each day for lunch and avoiding breakroom treats. It honestly hasn’t been too hard. I feel like I will lose even more once I stop breastfeeding. That day might come sooner rather than later if Miss Holland doesn’t learn how to quit chomping down on me with her six little teeth. Ouch! Any tips out there to stop the biting?
7) I have never once used SnapChat but I did check out Instagram Stories the other day and I don’t completely hate it. But I see there isn’t really a place to “like” or comment on something so I assume you just have to message people directly for feedback. I guess I can get behind that but it is weird having a form of social media with little to no feedback. Is that the way SnapChat works as well?
Ok — my mind is feeling a bit of clarity.Now off to grab some more caffeine before I really tackle the shit out of this Monday. Cheers!

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