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I will remember tomorrow…

It feels like the news cycle has been heavy lately. I am sure there are good stories, but my online feed is overwhelmed with the bad. 
It is full of innocent black men dying. 
It is full of innocent law enforcement dying. 
It is full of sick and missing children. 
It is full of terrorists attacks. 
It is full of people enraged at the world.
It is full of senators and representatives who won’t do their jobs. 
It is full of judgment rather than compassion. 
It is full of violence instead of peace. 
Each day, I see a new mantra: Remember Alton Sterling. Remember Orlando. Remember Nice. 
I will remember. I promise. But I’ll remember tomorrow. Today, I need to forget.
I need a break from remembering all the sorrow. I need a break from the heavy.
Today, I need to remember the sound of my daughter’s giggle when she claps her hands together. Today, I need to remember her smile when she wakes up in the morning. Today, I need to remember that I’m alive and free and that I’m trying damn hard to get through a real crappy week.
Today, I need to forget the sad and remember the good. 
I will remember the sad tomorrow. It will cross my mind as I sip my morning tea and watch the headlines. It will follow me around all day and I won’t be able to avoid all the “what if’s” that it brings. It will make me pick up my phone and call my Congressmen… again
But today, I just want to forget. I’m sorry. But today, I just can’t remember…
I will remember tomorrow.

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