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We’re Still Here!

I would say that I’m sorry for disappearing for the last twenty days or so, but I’m really not. Life has been a little hectic. So, I thought I’d play catch up and let you all know what’s been going on for the last month or so. 
Glucose Testing
I failed my 1-hour glucose test by 7 points and so had to sit for the dreaded 3-hour test earlier this month. It was probably the worst thing I can recall doing in recent memory. I had to fast after midnight (which, when you have terrible indigestion really means no food after 6pm) the night before my test. Even though I was at the lab by 8 am the following morning to start my test, some weird paperwork and lag time meant that I was not given the kool-aid of death until nearly 9 am. Three hours and four blood draws later, my doctor learned that I did not have gestational diabetes. I did however, have a sugar high (and subsequent crash) like no other and did not feel “right” again for at least another 48 hours. Ugh. 
Birth Class
Adam and I have started a birth class and so far, so good. I think I’m still in denial that there is an actual BABY inside of me that has to come out in about ten weeks or so. I mean, how strange is that concept? Our doula is actually helping to teach the class so I’m loving all the “extra” time I’m getting to hang out with her. Each encounter makes me happier that she is on our birth team. 
First Bench Trial
Last week I tried a case all by myself for the first time. It was quite the experience. I was nervous and scared obviously but I also had clients there looking to me for support and guidance. In case you are curious, I won… on a directed verdict no less. (That probably won’t mean much to you unless you’re a lawyer.) Still, the experience was nerve wracking enough that I hope I won’t have any more solo trials for quite some time. 
Adam has done some massive work on the outside of our house and last week put the final touches on the laying down some beautiful sod in our backyard. So far, we’ve managed to keep it alive in this horrible heat and have kept it watered enough. If you are a praying person, I wouldn’t say no to prayers that this stuff takes and that soon we can actually run around on it and enjoy it! I’ve dreamed of a lush, green lawn for years and it looks like those dreams have a possibility of coming true so I’m really excited about it!
The Nursery
We still have SO much work to do on the nursery. I recently finished redoing a dresser for the space but otherwise everything is still a blank canvas. I finally ordered art for the walls late last week so I’m anxious to get that in and get started putting it all together. Still, I feel like I have a million projects to do and only about 10 weeks to do it! Maybe a bit of a “late” baby wouldn’t be so bad after all. We’ll see. 

So, now you now why I’ve been absent most of the month. I hope to show you some nursery DIY projects soon but I’ve got to get around to doing them first. I also have some other posts in the works — both pregnancy and non-pregnancy related — so we’ll just see how those shake out. Life may be a little more hectic these days, but I promise I’m still here!

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